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Pakistan Origin Card (POC) allows eligible foreigners with unprecedented incentives to get back to their roots; while ensuring that the motherland remains tightly integrated with expatriates worldwide which includes:

  • Visa-free entry into Pakistan
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan
  • Exemption from foreigner registration requirements
  • Permission to purchase and sell property
  • Right to open and operate bank account
    15 – 20 days £200

Family Registration Certificate

A family Registration Certificate (FRC) is a means of being identified with your NADRA’s record. This provides the family composition. Please note that the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) helps in Embassy use mostly but cannot be used for any Legal requirement.

You can apply for FRC in the following three categories:

  • By Birth – The produced certificate will list your family including the details of your parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage – The produced certificate will list your family including the details of your spouse and children.
  • By Adoption – The produced certificate will list your family including the details of your guardian.
  • £20


Please note we are not the official government website and not an affiliated entity of the Pakistan Embassy however a registered Newcastle Travel Agency that acts as a service provider facilitating assistance in the Nicop Cards and Pakistan Passport application process on your behalf in a professional and expedited manner.

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Embassy rules & regulations can and do very occasionally change overnight, often without any prior notice or indication. Sanam Travel bears no responsibility for any such changes. Hence Universal Visa cannot accept responsibility for any losses or delays that occur due to frequent changes in requirements, embassy changes in charges, opening times, and protocol, which is outside of our control.

We are therefore unable to guarantee the complete accuracy of information presented on this website at all times. Processing times and charges given are solely for guidance purposes and cannot be guaranteed.

Sanam Travel also regret that we cannot, under any circumstances, intercede, or take responsibility for any transaction initiated directly between the applicant and the embassy.

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